Elevate Patient Care

Are you a healthcare provider or clinic seeking to elevate the level of care you provide to your patients?

Look no further than Synaptic Rehabilitation, where we offer in-home physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services for seniors and older adults. Our team of local therapists is committed to helping patients thrive where they’re most comfortable – at home.

Sending us your referrals is quick and convenient, with two straightforward options:

1. Fill Out the Form:

  • Visit our website and complete our online referral form.
  • Provide essential patient information and therapy requirements.
  • Click ‘Submit,’ and our team will promptly review your referral.

2. Download Referral PDF:

  • Download our Referral PDF document from our website.
  • Fill in the referral form with patient details and therapy needs.
  • Choose one of the following submission methods:
    • Email the completed PDF to support@synapticrehab.com.
    • Fax the filled-out PDF to 1-908-842-5743.


FAX to 908-842-5743

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