Physical Therapy

Our clinical Physical Therapists will help you recover from injury or illness. We can help relieve pain and regain flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Additional specialization in stroke, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. We accept a range of insurances; Contact us to learn more!​

Fall Prevention

Falls are the number on reason for injury and hospitalization among seniors. One in three individuals at age 65 and older will have a fall this year. Contact us to learn more about getting a fall risk evaluation.

Balance Training

There are many reasons for feeling more off balance. Whether it is from a recent fall, surgery, a stroke, Parkinson's disease, or for unknown reasons to you it is ok. SYNAPTIC therapists are experts on improving your balance safely.

Pain Reduction

When pain is present it is imperative to learn and be instructed how to exercise safely. Physical therapy and occupational therapy can help with managing chronic pain and provide relief so you can rely less on medication and injections.

Home Visits

Complete one on one treatment with a SYNAPTIC Therapist.
We are currently servicing the Central New Jersey area.
Call to find out more information.

Occupational Therapy

Our clinical Occupational Therapists will help you regain the ability to get dressed, cook, safety in the home, and help improve cognition. If you are experiencing injury, illness, or have a chronic condition contact us today to learn more!​

Gait Training

Appropriate gait mechanics are so important for functionality and safety. SYNAPTIC therapists will help you regain your confidence to walk without fear of falling. Are you tired of using a cane or a walker? We can guide you to regain strength, balance, and coordination.

Parkinson's Disease

We offer a very specific Parkinson's disease training protocol. We utilize special cueing techniques that are both visual and verbal to improve ambulation, safety, transfers, and ability to complete every day tasks.

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LSVT Certified

SYNAPTIC clinicians are LSVT certified to assist individuals living with Parkinson's Disease.

Learn more about LSVT by visiting

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