Millstone Hillsborough Township, New Jersey

Millstone Hillsborough Township, NJ: A Blend of History, Education, and Leisure


Nestled in the heart of Somerset County, Millstone in Hillsborough Township, New Jersey, is a community that seamlessly fuses its rich historical roots with modern living. As a township with a deep connection to its agrarian past, Millstone has evolved into a diverse and vibrant area that attracts residents and visitors alike. This article explores the history of Millstone, its current population, educational institutions, and the top 10 things to do or visit in this charming township.

Historical Origins:

Millstone has its origins in the 18th century, with its development closely tied to agriculture and the mill industry. The fertile soil of the region attracted early settlers, and the Millstone River, which runs through the township, played a crucial role in powering mills that processed grain, lumber, and other essential goods.


The area flourished as an agricultural hub, with farms dotting the landscape and the mill industry serving as a cornerstone of the local economy. Over time, the township evolved, and while it has embraced modernity, it has managed to preserve much of its historic charm.

Population and Demographics:

As of the latest available data, Millstone in Hillsborough Township maintains a modest population, contributing to the township’s close-knit and community-oriented atmosphere. The demographic makeup is diverse, reflecting the township’s appeal to individuals and families from various backgrounds.


The low population density, combined with the township’s commitment to preserving its rural character, creates an environment that fosters a sense of tranquility and community engagement. Residents of Millstone often cite the peaceful surroundings and friendly atmosphere as key factors in their decision to call this township home.

Education in Millstone:

For families considering a move to Millstone, the quality of education is a significant factor. Fortunately, the township is home to reputable schools that provide a well-rounded academic experience. Some notable educational institutions in the Millstone area include:


  • Hillsborough High School: Serving students from Millstone and the wider Hillsborough Township, Hillsborough High School is known for its academic excellence, diverse extracurricular activities, and a supportive learning environment.

  • Triangle Elementary School: This elementary school in Hillsborough Township focuses on laying a strong foundation for students’ academic and personal development. The school’s commitment to fostering a love for learning is reflected in its engaged and dedicated teaching staff.

  • Auten Road Intermediate School: Catering to students in grades 5 and 6, Auten Road Intermediate School provides a transitional educational experience, preparing students for the challenges of middle school.


The commitment to quality education in Millstone reflects the township’s dedication to nurturing the intellectual growth of its youth.

Top 10 Things to Do and Visit in Millstone:

  • Six Mile Run Reservoir Site: Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Six Mile Run Reservoir Site, offering hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. The reservoir provides a picturesque backdrop for nature lovers and those seeking an active lifestyle.

  • The Historic Van Veghten House: Step back in time by visiting the Van Veghten House, a historic site that played a role in the American Revolution. Tours and events provide insights into the township’s rich history.

  • Blackwells Mills Canal House Museum: Learn about the region’s canal history at the Blackwells Mills Canal House Museum. Exhibits showcase the significance of the canal system in shaping the area’s development.

  • Duke Farms: A sprawling estate with extensive gardens and walking paths, Duke Farms is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The Orchid Range and the Great Meadow are among the highlights of this picturesque destination.

  • Neshanic Valley Golf Course: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf at the Neshanic Valley Golf Course, featuring 27 holes set against a backdrop of rolling hills and scenic landscapes.

  • Raritan River Greenway: Explore the Raritan River Greenway, a network of trails along the Raritan River. The greenway offers opportunities for walking, jogging, and enjoying the natural beauty of the river.

  • Royce Brook Golf Club: Another golfing option, the Royce Brook Golf Club, provides an elegant setting for golfers of all skill levels. The club’s facilities include two 18-hole championship courses.

  • Hillsborough Township Farm Market: Embrace the local flavor by visiting the Hillsborough Township Farm Market, where residents and visitors can purchase fresh produce, handmade crafts, and artisanal goods.

  • Colonial Park Gardens: Located nearby in Franklin Township, the Colonial Park Gardens boast a variety of themed gardens, walking paths, and a picturesque pond. It’s a serene spot for relaxation and appreciation of horticultural beauty.

  • Millstone Valley Scenic Byway: Take a scenic drive along the Millstone Valley Scenic Byway, which winds through picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and charming communities. This leisurely drive offers a glimpse into the township’s rural beauty.

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