Manville, New Jersey

Manville Melange: A Journey Through History, Diversity, and Charm


Nestled along the Raritan River, Manville, New Jersey, stands as a testament to resilience, community spirit, and the enduring pursuit of progress. From its industrial origins to its present-day vibrancy, Manville has undergone a transformative journey, shaping its identity as a borough that embraces its history while looking towards the future.

Foundations of Manville

Manville’s story begins in the early 20th century when it was established as a planned community to accommodate workers of the Johns-Manville Corporation, a major industrial presence in the region. Named after the corporation, Manville was officially incorporated as a borough in 1929. Over the years, the town evolved beyond its industrial roots, diversifying its economy and fostering a strong sense of community.

Population and Demographics

As of the latest available data, Manville is home to a diverse population that reflects the broader cultural tapestry of New Jersey. Families, individuals, and professionals contribute to the borough’s dynamic and inclusive community. This demographic diversity enriches the social fabric of Manville, fostering an environment where residents take pride in their borough and actively contribute to its growth.

Top-Rated Schools in Manville

  1. Weston Elementary School: Serving the youngest learners, Weston Elementary School provides a foundation for academic growth and personal development.

  1. Alexander Batcho Intermediate School: The intermediate school focuses on guiding students through the critical transition years, preparing them for the challenges of high school.

  1. Manville High School: Manville High School offers a comprehensive high school experience, emphasizing both academic achievement and extracurricular involvement.

Top 10 Things to Do and Visit in Manville

  1. John Basilone Memorial Parade: Pay tribute to war hero John Basilone at the annual John Basilone Memorial Parade, a community event that honors the borough’s connection to this Medal of Honor recipient.

  1. Dukes Parkway Park: Enjoy outdoor activities at Dukes Parkway Park, featuring sports fields, playgrounds, and open spaces for picnics and relaxation.

  1. Manville Public Library: Explore the literary treasures at the Manville Public Library, a hub for learning, cultural events, and community engagement.

  1. Lost Valley Red Trail: Nature enthusiasts can hike the Lost Valley Red Trail, offering scenic views and an opportunity to connect with the natural beauty surrounding Manville.

  1. Sacred Heart Church: Visit the historic Sacred Heart Church, a landmark that has been a spiritual center for the community since the early 20th century.

  1. Main Street Dining: Explore the diverse dining options along Main Street, where local eateries offer a range of culinary delights, reflecting the borough’s cultural diversity.

  1. Manville-Hillsborough Elks Lodge: Engage in community events and activities at the Manville-Hillsborough Elks Lodge, a gathering place for socializing and camaraderie.

  1. Fleetwood Camera Museum: Delve into the history of photography at the Fleetwood Camera Museum, showcasing a collection of vintage cameras and photographic equipment.

  1. Manville Arts Council Events: Check out events organized by the Manville Arts Council, including art exhibitions, performances, and cultural activities that contribute to the borough’s creative spirit.

  1. Annual Manville Street Fair: Join the festivities at the annual Manville Street Fair, a community celebration featuring food vendors, live entertainment, and activities for all ages.

Manville, New Jersey, emerges as a borough with a distinctive character, shaped by its industrial heritage and the resilience of its residents. From the solemnity of the John Basilone Memorial Parade to the vibrant energy of Main Street, Manville weaves a narrative that speaks to its community pride and ongoing commitment to progress.


The educational institutions provide a foundation for the borough’s youth, while the diverse range of activities and attractions offers residents and visitors alike a chance to connect with the essence of Manville. As the borough continues to evolve, it remains a testament to the enduring spirit of its people and their dedication to creating a vibrant, welcoming community along the banks of the Raritan River. Manville, with its rich history and contemporary charm, invites all to explore its streets, engage with its cultural offerings, and become part of the ongoing story of this dynamic New Jersey borough.

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