Trackside Fun: Activities for Families and Friends at Meadowlands

The Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment facility, which is in East Rutherford, New Jersey, provides guests with an exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of horse racing with a thriving entertainment scene. Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment offers a thrilling environment for both ardent racing enthusiasts and those looking for a memorable night out thanks to its cutting-edge racetrack, exciting casino, diverse dining options, and engaging events. Let’s explore the fun activities and attractions at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment.

Witness Live Horse Racing

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment is renowned for its premier harness racing. Experience the adrenaline rush as powerful trotters and pacers thunder around the oval track, pushing the limits of speed and endurance. Place your bets and cheer on your favorite horses as they compete for victory. Whether you’re an experienced bettor or a novice, the electrifying atmosphere of live horse racing at Meadowlands is sure to captivate you. With a variety of race events throughout the year, including the prestigious Hambletonian, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment offers an unparalleled experience for racing enthusiasts.

Try Your Luck at the Casino

In addition to horse racing, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment features a lively casino that caters to those seeking gaming excitement. Test your luck at the slot machines, try your hand at table games like blackjack and roulette, or indulge in poker tournaments. The casino offers a wide range of gaming options to suit all preferences and skill levels. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, filled with the sounds of cheers and the anticipation of big wins. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a casual player, the casino at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

Indulge in Culinary Delights

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment offers an array of dining options that cater to a variety of tastes. From casual eateries to upscale restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Enjoy a mouthwatering steak, savor fresh seafood, or indulge in international cuisines. The trackside bars and lounges provide a lively atmosphere to enjoy a refreshing drink while watching the races. For a more upscale dining experience, reserve a table at one of the fine dining establishments and savor gourmet creations. The culinary delights at Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment ensure that every visit is a feast for the senses.

Experience Live Entertainment and Events

Beyond horse racing and gaming, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment offers a vibrant entertainment scene. The venue hosts live concerts, comedy shows, and other special events throughout the year, featuring renowned artists and performers. Enjoy a night of music, laughter, and entertainment as you immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere. From intimate performances to large-scale concerts, there’s always something happening at Meadowlands. The venue also hosts themed events and festivals, adding to the excitement and creating an immersive experience for visitors.

Attend Special Racing Events and Festivals

Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment organizes a variety of special racing events and festivals that add to the thrill of the experience. From the Hambletonian, the premier event in harness racing, to themed racing nights and fireworks displays, there’s always something extraordinary happening at the track. These special events provide an opportunity to witness world-class racing, enjoy additional entertainment, and celebrate the sport of horse racing with fellow enthusiasts. The festive atmosphere and electrifying energy make attending these events an unforgettable experience.


Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment in New Jersey offers a unique blend of horse racing, gaming excitement, dining, live entertainment, and special events. Whether you’re witnessing live horse racing, trying your luck at the casino, indulging in culinary delights, enjoying live performances, or attending special racing events, Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment promises an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of horse racing with a vibrant entertainment scene.



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