Discovering Perryville: Hidden Gems and Local Favorites in Union, New Jersey

The neighborhood of Perryville, which is located in the center of Union, New Jersey, stands out as a hidden gem. Perryville provides residents with a distinctive and appealing way of life thanks to its charming streets, warm neighborhood, and abundance of amenities. Let’s investigate what makes this neighborhood unique and why it has grown to be a popular vacation spot for both families and single people.

Historic Charm

Perryville exudes a captivating historic charm, reflecting its rich past and architectural heritage. The neighborhood is home to beautifully preserved colonial-style houses, showcasing the area’s historical significance. Residents and visitors can take leisurely walks along tree-lined streets, admiring the well-maintained homes that evoke a sense of nostalgia. Additionally, nearby Liberty Hall Museum provides a glimpse into the nation’s history, with its stunning Georgian-style mansion and extensive collections of artifacts and art. Perryville’s commitment to preserving its heritage adds a unique character to the neighborhood, offering residents a connection to the past.

Close-Knit Community

One of the defining features of Perryville is its strong sense of community. Residents take pride in their neighborhood and actively engage in various community initiatives. The Perryville Neighborhood Association serves as a platform for residents to connect, organize events, and foster a welcoming atmosphere. Community gatherings, block parties, and volunteer programs create opportunities for neighbors to forge deep bonds and create lasting friendships. Perryville residents genuinely care about their neighborhood and work together to enhance its livability, making it a tight-knit community where everyone feels like family.

Recreational Delights

Perryville offers a range of recreational opportunities for residents to enjoy the great outdoors. Nearby Kawameeh Park provides expansive green spaces, playgrounds, and athletic fields, making it a popular destination for picnics, sports activities, and leisurely walks. The Elizabeth River Trail is another highlight, offering scenic views and a tranquil setting for biking, jogging, or simply taking in the natural beauty. Perryville’s commitment to preserving and maintaining these recreational spaces ensures that residents have ample opportunities to stay active, connect with nature, and engage in outdoor leisure activities.

Convenient Location

Strategically situated, Perryville benefits from its convenient location within Union. It offers easy access to major transportation routes, including the Garden State Parkway, Route 22, and the New Jersey Turnpike, making commuting to neighboring cities and towns a breeze. The neighborhood is also in close proximity to a variety of shopping centers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Additionally, Union’s vibrant downtown area is just a short distance away, offering an array of cultural attractions, boutique shops, and dining options. Perryville residents enjoy the perfect balance of a serene residential neighborhood and the conveniences of urban living.

Education and Schools

Families residing in Perryville have access to excellent educational institutions. The neighborhood falls within the Union Township Public School District, known for its commitment to providing a quality education. Perryville Elementary School, with its dedicated teachers and supportive learning environment, ensures that students receive a strong foundation. For higher education, nearby Kean University offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, providing opportunities for lifelong learning and professional growth. Perryville’s emphasis on education underscores its dedication to nurturing the next generation and creating a community that values knowledge and personal development.


Perryville stands as a testament to the beauty of Union, New Jersey, offering residents a blend of historic charm, a close-knit community, and convenient amenities. With its picturesque streets, recreational delights, convenient location, and commitment to education, Perryville exemplifies a neighborhood where residents can find solace, connection, and a true sense of home.


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